Jan Svenungsson

This web-site was initiated on September 7, 1996.

Lena-Kim Arctaedius-Svenungsson wrote the initial pages in pure HTML, following Jan Svenungsson's structural ideas. Since then the site has been constantly expanded by JS using various applications.

In late 2010 JS began a major design overhaul of the whole site, introducing CSS with necessary assistance from programmer Rolf Maidhof in Berlin. The re-design work will continue until the new design has been implemented on all the site's now more than 2000 pages. The basic link structure will be kept intact.

In February 2011 a new feature was introduced, the "Talk" page, which will allow JS to publish comment on this and that.

The idea behind this archive project is to keep on adding work and references, update the cv and the bibliographies - but (almost) never to take out what has once been put in. As the site grows, intuitive inter-linking between different aspects of work will be added. The returning visitor should never get lost in the same way.

And thus, when critical mass has been reached - a change of status will take place.

English is the chosen site language. For the Swedish speaking reader it may seem peculiar when a text available in Swedish only, is "framed" in English language - and for the native English speaker there will be lots of language mistakes to try to ignore... but after all there is no real alternative to using English in a project like this, accessible from all over the world.