Jan Svenungsson


January 11, 2020 – "Waiting"
I'm in my studio, it's 2020 and the second Saturday morning of the new year and I am waiting for a transport to arrive. I'm sending paintings for my show at Galleri Flach in Stockholm. It will not open until February 15, but the work is finished and I'm happy to have it go. Last Monday I de-installed the show of prints at Bildraum01 in Vienna and these last weeks I have focusing not only on preparing my own show, but one of my students as well, at Hilger Next in Vienna. Fourteen of them, in an impressive white cube space. It will open in March and it is important for all of us. I'm stepping in and out of roles: artist, technician, teacher, curator, writer. There are other projects to attend to as well, relating to university or my own trajectory. Keep working. Try to do it right. Keep it all going. Try to build on what you have, to make it new and yet to be a development towards a better state. I like that idea: to make it new – from what you already have. Looking forward into the unknown, while seeing consistency and even logic when looking back. The title of my show in Stockholm will be "Monstruösiteter". Translated: Monstrosities. The noun doesn't really exist in Swedish, although the adjective does. The plural noun looks so ugly it becomes fascinating, and it's really hard to spell. I have become attached to this word. We already used it for a student show in Vienna at the end of 2018: "Monstrositäten".