Jan Svenungsson
Jan Svenungsson - KOD 352 – AstraZeneca, Södertälje

"KOD 352" (Code 352)

One of four installation views. Sculpture commission for AstraZeneca, Swedish Headquarters in Södertälje 2003. The installation consists of five stainless steel pylons, up to 275 cm high; sixteen 3-dimensional letters (22 x 60 x ... cm) made of three sorts of granite ("Vetekulla", "Vånga", "Grönsvart") as well as thirteen letters made of electrolytically treated cast stainless steel. On each pylon one word is formed by the letters, which reads from top down: VILJA (will) - LUST (inclination/disposition/urge/desire/delight/joy) - SYSTEM (system) - TUR (luck) - INSPIRATION (inspiration). The theme of this work was an attempt to "define the field" for creative activity...

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