Jan Svenungsson
Jan Svenungsson: Eighth Chimney, Wanas 2007

"The Eighth Chimney", May 18, 2007; in Wanås Foundation Sculpture Park, Knislinge, Sweden.

The "Eighth Chimney", 17 meters high, was built during May-June 2007 for the 20th Anniversary exhibition of the Wanås Foundation. The other two artists invited to show mayor outdoor installations in 2007 were Louise Bourgeois and Fernando Sanchez Castillo. JS' sculpture is now a permanent feature of the park. Additionally, the artists exhibited drawings in the Foundation's Kunsthalle. JS showed a selection of 30 chimney drawings covering 1994-2007. During the whole construction period JS kept a public work diary, published daily in the pages of Kristianstadsbladet, and later made into a book.

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