Jan Svenungsson

"Short Dictionary of Words and Names", text distributed at h., Melbourne, during exhibition in April 1998

Berlin – current residence of artist.

Chaos – opposite of control.

Chimney – frequent subject matter in artist's work. first as framed photographs; later built in brick.

Collaboration – attempt to make 1+1 = 3.

Control – opposite of chaos.

Hebdomeros – novel by Giorgio de Chirico (Paris 1929). preferred reading. only three place names mentioned in text: the Acropolis; the bridges over the Rhine in Basel; the German Consulate in Melbourne.

Photo–Mapping – (inv. 1998) recreation of a given image in photographs. method: 1. original image divided with grid; 2. corresponding pictures photographed for each field of the grid; 3. original image reconstituted. predefined limitations: place; time-span.

Psycho–Mapping – (inv. 1994) the act of bringing out chaos inherent in a map. method: hand drawn copies of map accumulated one after another. predefined limitations: no overview during work process; machine–like behavior; strive for perfect copies.

Sydney – arrival town of artist in Australia.

Taejon – city south of Seoul where Second Chimney was built in 1993.

TEST-paintings – (inv.1992) series of simultaneously non–figurative and realist (bloodstains) paintings. method: 1. red watercolor randomly splashed on paper; 2. splash with special qualities identified; 3. exacting copy of selected splash painted in oil on canvas or panel. predefined limitations: no cropping or editing; non-machine-like behavior during act of painting; the copy must exceed the original.

JS, Melbourne, 10.4.98