Jan Svenungsson

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(during the exhibition "Berlin : l’effacement des traces 1989-2009")

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(paper originally presented at the Gradcam Conference in Dublin, 8-9 May 2008)

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(a book about the Chimney Project as a whole, with a special focus on the Eighth Chimney. JS' text is the diary from Wanås)

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in: Reader of Bucharest Biennale 3 / Pavilion  Magazine, # 12, Vol. 2, 2008

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(re-written version, by journalist Judith Borowski, of "Handlungsanweisung", a text written with the assistance of Werner Klein)

"Att bygga en skorsten", in: Kristianstadsbladet, 13 May – 24 June, 2007 (43 daily reports from the building of the Wanås chimney. A slightly edited version of the diary is included in Bygga skorsten / Building Chimneys)

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(text on Brandenburger Kunstverein language project, written in mix–language)

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(in catalogue for the final year exhibition of the MFA students at the School of Photography, Gothenburg University)

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(in a folder printed and distributed at the exhibition)

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(on Ingela Johansson's video work, for the catalogue of the final year students' show at Bildmuseet)

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(extensive interview with Paul Osipow for major retrospective book; the Finnish translation published later in an exhibition catalogue)

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(conference paper developed into essay; on the Hebdomeros project and language issues in the contemporary art world)

"Skapandet av Man Ray / The Making of Man Ray", in: Man Ray Moderna Museet 2004, Stockholm 2004
(extensive essay on the reasons behind MR's creation of his persona, combined with the story of JS' discovery of M.R.)

"Man Ray", in: Xposeptember Stockholm Fotofestival, september 2004
(short presentation text for the Man Ray exhibition at Moderna Museet)

"Samtal med Kjell Strandqvist", in: Kjell Strandqvist – Transparenser, Konstakademin, Stockholm, 2004
(extensive interview with JS' former professor for drawing...)

Historien om ett konstverk: KOD 352, AstraZeneca, Södertälje, 2004
(a book on the sculpture installation KOD 352 and its context. Illustrated text in two parts; the first part by JS alone; the second part a composite interview with Karl Axel Pehrson, Maria Anvret, Alexander Bard – on the subject of the usefulness of art)

"Lieber zu viel als zu wenig. Kunst, Musik, Aktionen zwischen Hedonismus und Nihilismus (1976-1985)", in: Neue Review, Ausgabe 3, Oktober 2003 (collaborative text with Jörg Heiser.. A review of an exhibition about Berlin punk.)

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(text related to "Psycho-Mapping Europe")

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(on the sound art of H.R. and the instruments of Lev Termen and Robert Moog)

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(text and 16 colorphotos describing a street in Berlin)

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"Hjälte eller förrädare", in: Göteborgs-Posten, 19.7.2000
(on Marinus van der Lubbe and his role in the Berlin Reichstag fire 1933)

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(narrative catalogue text in which all chimney projects are discussed, ending with the project for Vienna)

"Samtal mellan Annika von Hausswolff och Jan Svenungsson", in: Crac in Context, 1999
(a hyper–text conversation between AvH and JS, published on the internet)

"Duty Now For The Future – Färgfotografi", in: Bruksanvisning till konsten i Pontus och Bipontus, Statens Konstråd, 1999 (on the second version of the photo–series originally made for the Norrköpings Museum exhibition "Brytningstider", then made in to a permanent work of public art)

"Målaren i dockskåpet", in: Göteborgs-Posten, 22.8.1999
(short piece about a visit to the new museum located in Magritte's former apartment, at rue d'Essegheim in Brussels)

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(on monuments; by Micha Ullman, Frank Thiel and Philip Johnson; in Berlin)

"Huset är en kamera – Le Corbusiers arkitektur tillhör informationsåldern", in: Göteborgs-Posten, 27.7.1999
(on a book by Beatriz Colomina: Privat och Offentligt – Modern arkitektur som massmedium)

"Visuellt minne", in: Paletten, June 1999 (short text with two photos on visual memories)

"Bild och Ord – att umgås med Hebdomeros", in: Ord&Bild, # 3 1999
(on the translation/photo/exhibition project, with artist's insert)

"Ständigt på topp – Leni Riefenstahls filmer påverkar än",in: Göteborgs-Posten, 20.2.1999
(on the retrospective exhibition at Potsdam Filmmuseum)

"Om att bjuda på 'verklighet'", in: Moderna Museets Vänners tidskrift, # 3, 1998
(commissioned text on the future prospects of photography's role in art)

"Mina Man Ray / My Man Rays", Edsvik Konst och Kultur, Sollentuna 1998
(12 short texts in catalogue to exhibition of Man Rays belonging to JS; each text written to an image)

"En konceptuell basist / A Conceptual Bass Player", in: Göteborgs-Posten, 25.6.1998. English version in: We are all normal, ed. Katya Sander & Simon Sheikh, Black Dog Publishing 2001 (on Steven Severin's bass–playing, Marcel Duchamp and the fight to not become too good)

"Kraftwerk – Musikmaskinen går igen / Robot–Pop", Göteborgs-Posten, 3.6.1998
(on "does Kraftwerk really exist?", life on the list, and the future of the most mysterious of bands)

Short Dictionary of Words and Names, h., Melbourne, 1998 (text distributed during exhibition in April 1998)

"Under en tid av ett år...", in: Vasteras, Västerås Konstmuseum, 1998 (text on a work by Maria Magnusson)

"Marie–Louise Ekman och jag började samtidigt... | Marie–Louise and I both arrived...", in: marie–louise ekman, Carlsson Bokförlag, Stockholm 1998 (written for book published with M-LE's first major retrospective at Kulturhuset, Stockholm, and at 6 subsequent places in Sweden during 98–99)

"Om att förstå allt" – Hebdomeros väg till insikt", in: AT 60, Fazola, Lund 1997 (essay written for Anders Tornberg)

"Konstens estetiska ekon – Duchamp satte igång tolkningsmaskinerierna", in: Göteborgs-Posten, 15.7.1997
(review of Calvin Tompkin's book Marcel Duchamp (Chatto & Windus); discussing the possibilities for interpretation of an art–work)

"Project for Fourth Chimney ist eine handgedruckte...", in: SüdwestLB Druckgraphik Kunstpreis '97, Stuttgart 1997
(this text, as is the following, is a minimalistic presentation of a print)

"Dem Holzschnitt First Chimney liegt...", in: SüdwestLB Druckgraphik Kunstpreis '97, Stuttgart 1997

"Sommaren 1987 fann jag...", in: Göteborgs-Posten, 13.5.1997 (artist's project with two photos + text. Subject: the Berlin Wall...)

"Vad är svensk kultur? / What is Swedish Culture?", in: Stockholm 98, # 1, 1997
(commissioned short text – not an easy subject)

"Text for Drewen", in: Partie 4 Brandenburgische Kunsttage 1996, Internationales Kunstforum Drewen, 1997
(on the chimney projects in general – and the Drewen project in particular. Catalogue published 9 months after exhibition ended...)

"In October 1969 the GDR celebrated... | Lokakuussa 1969 DDR juhli...", in: Valokuva, # 6, 1996
(a project, with photographs, for the photo–magazine Valokuva on the subject of Germany and photography)

"...we all fall down – Alex Rizkalla and Jan Svenungsson in conversation / ...we all fall down – Alex Rizkalla im Gespräch mit Jan Svenungsson", in: Be, # 4, 1996 (JS interviews A.R., at Künstlerhaus Bethanien)

"Oszillation zwischen Polen / Oscillation Between Poles", in: Be, # 4, 1996
(a working discussion between JS and Kay Heymer, for Etwas über L. – spanning a wide range of ideas, edited by JS)

"Sing Along with Johnny", in: SIKSI, # 3, 1996. Also in: We are all normal, ed. Katya Sander & Simon Sheikh, Black Dog Publishing 2001 (on the Sex Pistols, after visiting a concert on their comeback tour)

"Als ich Pontus Hulten zum ersten Mal begegnete...", in: Das gedruckte Museum von Pontus Hulten, Kunst– und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn, 1996 (a portrait of P.H., in catalogue for an exhibition of his book- and catalogue production)

"Serien om 110 teckningar...", in: Till Filmen 100 år, Göteborgs Konstmuseum, Göteborg, 1996
(a short presentation of the video "110" + favourite film info)

"Lösningen på problemet / The Solution to the Problem" in: Vägen – en antologi om att göra bra konst, Bonnier Alba, Stockholm, 1995. Reprinted in: Tidningen Papper, # 0, 1998 (ambitious description/analysis of the creative process)

"På golvet framför mig... / On the floor in front of me...", in: Stockholm, a book by Ola Billgren and Jan Svenungsson, Propexus, Lund, 1995 (collaborative book; one text by each artist discussing their photoseries "Stockholm". Reproductions)

"En arkitekturfotografs uppdrag... / The task of an architectural photographer", in: MAMA, # 12, 1995.
Republished as: "När byggnaden framträder i sin helhet", in: F– Fotografisk Tidskrift, # 1, 2001
(a project, with photographs, on architectural photography)

"Maximal närvaro i handlingens nu", in: Göteborgs-Posten, 13.7.1995 (on Ellen von Umwerth + Bernd & Hilla Becher)

"Viljan till kontroll möter lusten till kaos / The Will to Control Meets the Lust for Chaos | Der Wille zu Kontrolle trifft die Lust am Chaos", unpublished (written for the application for Künstlerhaus Bethanien, early 1995)

"I am interested in systems... / Olen kiinnostunut järjestelmistä", in: Rauma Baltic Biennale, Rauma, 1994
(catalogue text-cum-poem-cum-statement for the 110 drawings later used in the video "110")

"Byteshandel", in: Ten makes Ten, Galleri Ahnlund, Umeå, 1994
(on the collaborative work of JS and Carl–Johan Eriksson, from exhibition catalogue)

"Det perfekta fotografiet / The Perfect Photograph / Das perfekte Foto", in: Bulletin från Moderna Muséet, # 4, 1994. German version in: Schornsteinarbeit, Kunstverein Recklinghausen, 1998 (about a photograph representing the First Chimney)

"Rembrandt", in: Svenska Dagbladet, 11.10.1992 (about the 1992 exhibition in Stockholm)

PARAD, Anders Tornberg Gallery, Lund 1991
(artist's book with 10 colour etchings, edition 25. Minimalistic text... – the whole book available here in virtual version)

"Total Förvirring", in: Dagens Nyheter, 23.11.1991 (continuing debate over exhibition at Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg)

"Fusk med Fotokopior", in: Dagens Nyheter, 30.9.1991 (attacking exhibition at Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg)

"Bort med moms på galleriprovision", in: Dagens Nyheter, 23.3.1991
(with several co-authors, short version of "Orimlig effekt för konstnärer")

"Orimlig effekt för konstnärer", in: Dagens Nyheter, 3.3.1991
(debate article co-written with C. Edefalk, F. Gmelin, M. Wickström, attacking new tax on gallery exhibitions)

"Allt resande är en flykt undan ålderdom och död", in: Billgrens: Kultur – Samlevnad – Inredning, Göteborgs Konsthall, 1991 (tongue–in–cheek interview with Ernst and Helene Billgren, for catalogue of their exhibition at Göteborgs Konsthall)

"Man Ray", in: Fotografisk tidskrift, # 4, 1990 (ambitious double portrait; M.R.+ JS...)

"Tout donne à penser que l'evacuation de la ville... | All observations indicate that the evacuation of the city...",
in: catalogue, CREDAC, Ivry–sur–Seine, 1989 (text as integrated part of exhibition)

"Observatörer som beskrev läget i staden... / Observers describing the atmosphere of the city... / Les observateurs qui décrivaient l'atmosphère de la ville... / Die Beobachter, welche die Atmosphäre der Stadt beschrieben...", in: catalogue, Galleri Engström, Stockholm, 1989 (text as integrated part of exhibition)

"Under rekognoscering en natt... / One night during reconnaissance... | Kaksi tiedeustelupartiota...", in: Aurora 3, Ateneum, Helsinki, 1989 (text as integrated part of exhibition)

"Att befästa en stad / To fortify a city", in: Siksi, # 2, 1988 (a project on photography)

"När han framåt eftermiddagen...", in: Konstföreställningar, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, 1987
(text written for "still video objects", paraphrasing "Hebdomeros", in exhibition catalogue)

"Cindy Sherman – gåtfullt gripande", in: Aftonbladet, 30.12.1987 (on the attraction of C.S.)

"...och det regnar in i hans hus", in: Aftonbladet, 29.12.1987 (about a visit to the Villa Savoye)

"Souvenirs!", text supplied with the serigraph "Souvenirs!", published by Bankgirot (sic!)

"På stadiga ben i 80–talets kvicksand", in: Aftonbladet, 4.8.1987
(on Giorgio De Chirico`s novel "Hebdomeros" – review of Swedish translation of favourite book)

"I glappet mellan olika verkligheter", in: Aftonbladet, 10.1.1987 (on Max Book, first exhibition review written)

"Musik i skuggan av muren", in: Schlager # 15, 24.4.1981
(first text published. On music in West–Berlin: interviews with Gudrun Gut, Frieder Butzmann, Trance Plast)