Jan Svenungsson

“Three brothers become one”, text in exhibition, Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm 2021 (unpublished English translation)

I have two brothers. For my contribution to "Se människan" in 1992 (and the cover of the Kalmar telephone directory that same year), I had the three of us photographed and then made a picture where the forehead comes from Olof, the eyes from me and the lower part of the face from Håkan.

Three brothers become one... how much do we really have in common? Other people often say that we are alike, of course we are not so convinced of that ourselves. 

For the exhibition at Liljevalchs, I drew the composite photograph 28 times, thinking that in the repeated image the truth would somehow reveal itself.

Does it exist? The truth – about people who are alive?

Jan Svenungsson 16.8.2021