Jan Svenungsson

"Questions and Answers", in: Contemporary Art From Sweden, European Central Bank, Frankfurt, 2003

Q. Is it a computer simulation?

A. These are scans of handmade drawings, with colors added in photoshop.

Q. Why did you do it?

A. To see the future of Europe ... to make a work that escapes my control, but with a direct link to reality.

Q. But if you draw the maps, you must be in control.

A. Control is always related to scale. You think you control the details, yet the whole falls apart. I drew every line by hand, but I had given myself a particular assignment: every map must be as exact a copy of the previous map as possible. I could use no tools but my eyes and an old fashioned dip pen – no eraser. And I had to copy every line as I saw it, ignoring what it stands for. I had to be very myopic!

Q. Then why this chaos?

A. I can't make a perfect copy! Even if I try to be a machine there will be mistakes, deviation. As there is no way back, mistakes accumulate.

Q. So this new Europe developed against your efforts?

A. In a way, yes. But without mistakes nothing would ever change.
"Psycho-Mapping Europe" was exhibited, as well as illustrated in small format in the catalogue. The text was not signed.