Jan Svenungsson

"Psycho-Mapping Europe"

"Psycho-Mapping Europe" is a series of 20 iris-prints (Giclée) on Aquarelle Arches Satiné paper, each 76,5 x 56, 5 cm, 1998. Edition of 3.

The work process was begun by making 20 black ink-drawings on the same paper. These drawings were then scanned, and the individual countries coloured in the computer, through Photoshop. As a test the ink-drawings had first been coloured using water colours, but these watercolours do not constitute a series, but are seen as individual works.

The coloured countries all belong to the European Union. A thourough analysis of the work process and its repercussions, is available here. The title "Psycho-Mapping" was invented by Kathrin Becker and first appeared in her text "Psycho-Mapping" in Index, 1997.

The work was first installed in the show at Arts Victoria, Melbourne, summer 1998. Then in the JS' one-man show at Galleri Flach in Stockholm, August 1998, where its development was continued in five large paintings. In 1999 "Psycho-Mapping Europe" was permanently installed in the Consulates Department of the Nordic Embassies in Berlin (the "Faelleshuset" building). In 2002 it was exhibited at Galerie Grita Insam in Vienna and in 2003 as well as in 2012 at European Central Bank, Frankfurt (who is an owner of the work). In 2012 Psycho-Mapping Europe was part of JS' one man show at Galerie Werner Klein.

In 2007 JS begun work on a new version of Psycho-Mapping Europe, due to the considerable enlargement of membership in the European Union, which had taken place in the intervening years: Psycho-Mapping Europe version 2.0 (2007-2009)