Jan Svenungsson


a series of 20 paintings in oil on canvas, each 190x165 cm, 2007-2009.

Due to the enlargement of the European Union it became necessary to produce a new version of Psycho-Mapping Europe, which was made in 1998. The first version of the work has a palette of 15 colours (+ black), in version 2.0 the colour range has had to be extended to 27.

Series starts here!

There also exists two individual paintings connected to Psycho-Mapping Europe version 2.0:
"Psycho-Mapping Europe version 2.0. – painting 21"
"Psycho-Mapping Europe version 2.0. – painting 22"

All three works were first shown in Stockholm in 2009, at a one-man show called "Psycho-Mapping Europe 2009", at Galleri Flach+Thulin.

In 2010 JS produced a digital version of this project, called "Psycho-Mapping Europe version 2.0 - edition". These images are based on b/w photos of the individual paintings before the colours of the countries had been painted in. For the edition these colours were added in the computer, which makes for a different over all impact. The digital version was first exhibited in 2010, at Galleri Dag Andersson in Norrköping and again at Galerie Werner Klein in 2012.

JS' analytical text about Psycho-Mapping Europe:
"Controlled Production of Virtual Geopolitical Reality through Failure"