Jan Svenungsson
Ein Künstler-Text-Buch

Ein Künstler-Text-Buch, by Jan Svenungsson, with an afterword by Robert Pfaller

a book on artists' writing. German translation of the English language original, published 2007 by the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts / Kuvataideakatemia in Helsinki. This edition, for which Robert Pfaller has contributed an afterword: "Müssen Künstler schreiben?", published September 2012 by SpringerWienNewYork–edition Angewandte, Vienna. 108 pages. 210x130 mm. ISBN 978-3-7091-1357-8. No illustrations, except a facsimile page from Paul Klee's "Pedagogical Sketchbook". Translation: Conny Habbel. Graphic design: Tina Greisberger (inside) & Agata Pierzchanowska (outside). Copy editor: Michael Walch.

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