Jan Svenungsson

"Psycho–Mapping Scandinavia",
in: Reader of Bucharest Biennale 3 / Pavilion  Magazine, # 12 Vol. 2, 2008

In a map every line is linked to reality.  I use maps and produce new reality as a result, in a group of serial works called "Psycho-Mappings". Having traced the first map image, I then copy it by hand, trying to be as exact as possible. I imagine being a machine, a human scanner. I am patient and my copy comes out well. Examined close-up, however, there are little mistakes to be found everywhere.

Once my copy is finished, it changes status: what was mistakes becomes new reality. The first map is hidden away; my third image is to be another careful copy; a copy of the copy.

The procedure is repeated a number of times. I have to focus solely on the mechanical process.  Avoid any input.

A new (vision of a) geo-political reality thus develops itself, in conflict with my efforts — if not with my underlying intention. The work's success is relative to my ability to separate conceptual agenda from physical effort; to achieve maximum robotic precision while aware that all value is created in the glitches that mar and betray the robot. No one knows in advance the vision at the end of the line.

Jan Svenungsson