Jan Svenungsson

Mina Man Ray / My Man Rays

an exhibition at Edsvik Konst och Kultur, with a catalogue. JS has a longstanding interest ("see article Man Ray from 1990") in the life and work of Man Ray, and at this occasion decided to exhibit 12 work by MR. "owned and installed by JS". In the exhibition, (as well as on the first page of the catalogue) each work was given the date of acquisition on the wall opposite the work (all works were installed in a long row in a corridor space specially designed by JS). The catalogue faithfully reproduces the exhibition, with the addition of a textfragment for each work, written by JS. Translation: Nina Katchadourian. Edition 1000. Size 24,3 x 17,1 cm. Published 1998 by Edition Edsvik Konst & Kultur.

installation view 1 | installation view 2 | installation view 3 | Skapandet av Man Ray (2004)