Jan Svenungsson

About Anders Tornberg

The first show at Anders Tornberg Gallery happened because Göran Engström refused to sell a small photo-object to Anders at the the artfair in Madrid, in 1989. Anders was irritated and wanted to meet JS himself – who was happy to invite him to his studio. Soon, plans for a show were being discussed. It was set for late spring 1991.

JS, having got to know Anders some, realized he was a lover of fine books. This was an interesting observation, especially since JS had become acquintated with Niels Borch Jensen in Copenhagen, one of the world's best etching printers - and wanted to make a project with him. Would Anders be interested in publishing a book of etchings? Yes, of course he would! A project was developed and a maquette produced. Work began.

JS decided to use a series of years as the backbone of the book: each year would be coupled with an image, taken form the existing production - but processed first through different photo-reproductive processes, then through the printing technique. The idea for the maquette was only to show how it could look like, but when in Copenhagen: a quick decision was taken to use the maquette as an exact model that would have to be followed, even though the technique used was handcoloured b/w photographs, and the prints would be acquatints with photoetching.

With the help of an extensive proofing process the work was carried out. The years were printed in lead type, and the whole book bound in leather in Stockholm. It became the centerpiece of the exhibition in the gallery. Resting on a specially designed bookshelf, white gloves were provided for the visitor who wanted to leafle through the book. There was no extra set of the etchings to be framed and hung on the wall. Sequence was everything. The book was named "PARAD".

To go with the book a collection of works, older and brand new were shown in Tornberg's newly renovated gallery. The works ranged form a 30 cm painting to a 10 meter 12 part photo-object called "Field", depicting rising and falling chimneys.

Another work in the show consisted of a patinated copper-plate engraved with the words "Lund", a statement both about the present location and the birthplace of the artist. This work was sold to Anders himself, who installed it on the inside of his front door - so that every time he left his apartment he would know where he was heading.

In July 1997 Anders left his apartment for the last time. The feeling of loss is immense.