Jan Svenungsson

Presentation text in Valokuvagalleria Hippolyte, 1994 (English version)

During 1993 I travelled three times to Korea.

The first time was at the end of March. During six days I studied smokestacks in Seoul, visited the site for the planned sculpture-park at Expo' 93 in Taejon, as well as discussed technical problems regarding the construction of a round smokestack made of brick with the contractor Go Dae Yoon.

The second time I stayed for five weeks. I arrived in Taejon at the end of May, but the construction wasn't started until after some time of nervous waiting. As a helper to the two brick-layers Cho Chang Sun and Kong Kil Sang, and their assistant Lee Pum Yung, I then worked hard every day until the smoke-stack was finished.

Expo '93 and the sculpture-park with the motto "Future Lies Ahead" was opened to the public on August 7.

My third trip to Taejon took place at the beginning of November. I now got to see the sculpture-park finished for the first time.

Expo '93 ended on November 7. At that time a total of 14 million people had visited the exhibition grounds.