Jan Svenungsson
Svart - Gryning


Stranded, EKO 104 (lp). Released 1981. LP recorded first at Studio Humlan, Stockholm, in August 1981, with only JS and CA playing (using a Roland analog drum-machine for rythm), and with Tony Dimauro at the controls. Later that fall continued in Phototone, Stockholm, with Johan Vävare as technician and mixer. At Phototone, Christer Hellman, Ola Jameson, and Petter Eklund participated with some overdubs. (Marco Cecioni had already played harmonica (backwards) on "I Parken", at Studio Humlan). Cover by JS using Man Ray object. Photo: T. Michael McLain. Hand-colouring: Lars Nyström.

Side 1.

1. "KARNEVALEN I VENEDIG", (Svenungsson/Almén) 3:32
2. "ETT STEG ÖVER KANTEN", (Svenungsson) 2:42
3. "DEN SOVANDE I DALEN", (Rimbaud/Svenungsson/Flygare) 3:43
4. "X", (Almén/Svenungsson) 2:27
5. "UNDER TRÄDEN" (Svenungsson) 2:44
6. "GRYNING", (Svenungsson/Almén) 4:37

Side 2.

1. "STUNDEN PÅ BRON", (Svenungsson) 3:31
2. "KOMETEN", (Svenungsson/Öhrman) 2:51
3. "I PARKEN", (Svenungsson/Almén) 3:40
4. "1914", (Svenungsson/Almén) 2:09
5. "PSYKOS" (Almén) 3:33
"JACQUES", (Almén, Eklund, Jameson, Svenungsson) 4:11

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