Jan Svenungsson

"Jacques Vaché in Marl", backstory

"Jacques Vaché in Marl" is a 4:48 long computer composition made in 2010. It is based on source material of two different kinds. The source for all sounds is a set of DAT recordings by Florian Dombois hitting all public sculptures in the German town Marl with a small hammer. This action was part of Dombois' preparation for his sound work "Angeschlagene Moderne" in 2010. The initial structure of JS' composition is based on the midi programming of the "re-construction" of the 1981 "Svart" song "Jacques". In 2010 this was a work in progress.

"Jacques Vaché in Marl" was made on the invitation of Florian Dombois, for a performance evening in Berlin, November 4, 2010 (Tiergarten Eins – Eternithaus). During this evening JViM was performed "live" by JS with a laptop computer. Other music/sound performances that evening were presented by Alberto de Campo, Christina Kubisch and Hans-Peter Kuhn.