Jan Svenungsson

Re-constructions of "Svart" songs

This project was launched in 2004 after meeting Caiza Almén Wranning again, at her 40th anniversary. Initially more of a hobby activity, in 2012 it became "official" through the inclusion on five re-constructed songs in JS' exhibition at Konsthuset Uppsala Konsthall. The following pieces were played:
– Den sovande i dalen (Rimbaud/Ekelöf/Flygare/Svenungsson)
– Under träden (Svenungsson)
– Psykos (Almén)
– X (Almén/Svenungsson)
– X no git mix (Almén/Svenungsson)
– Jacques (Svenungsson)

The technical note said (in translation):
All Svart songs written in Uppsala 1980-1981. Recorded 2004-2012 in Berlin and Falkenberg. Mixed in Berlin 2012 by Tobias Freund, non-standard productions. Voice: Caiza Almén Wranning. Guitar, programming and produktion: Jan Svenungsson.

The following six re-constructions are close to being finished: "Karnevalen i Venedig", "Otålighetens gräns", "I parken", "Steg över kanten", "Sår" and "Döden på caféerna". All eleven songs were written in 1980-81 and they were all released on record in that time, except "Döden på caféerna" where recording was begun but never finished, due to the band's split.