Jan Svenungsson
Core painting

"Core" — one in a series of 43 paintings

Oil on wood panel, 65 x 46 cm, 1990-1992. 35 paintings of this type were made for the planned exhibition at Krista Mikkola's Gallery in Helsinki 1991. When this project was cancelled, the ideas behind it were developed into what became the Nordic Arts Centre exhibition in 1992. For this installation 7 more paintings were made (the exakt number of paintings was determined through the use of specially written computer software, working with random numbers). The paintings were made through hand-painting (with the help of a slide projector) the dot-patterns of a colour separated portrait photograph. Instead of the traditional CMYK offset printing colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) different transparent grays were used, to give each painting it's unique character — together with the variations or mistakes which were unavoidable because of the chosen process.

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