Jan Svenungsson


This catalog, called "Film", was designed by JS for the exhibition at Nordic Arts Centre in 1992. (There was a second publication - A Commissioned Readymade - made at this time as well.) The exhibition consisted of a series of 43 paintings, named "Core" (see one sample), all 65x46 cm; 9 screen printed years on acrylic glass (46x65 cm) as well as 8 chimney-photo objects (heights between 240 - 269 cm).

The distribution of the works on the walls was determined by computer software for randomization, written for this purpose by Erik Hasselberg. All works were installed in a long linear procession. The catalogue reproduces this line exactly, in proportionate scale. On the catalogue cover and on the insides of the cover, there is a collage of special photos of earlier work.

Size 21 x 25 cm. All color. Edition 1000.

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