Jan Svenungsson
Jan Svenungsson – Der Schlüssel zum Code – BfArM, Bonn

Hauptskulptur ("Der Schlüssel zum Code")

In the 16 m high entrance hall to BfArM. Three stainless steel pylons (672 cm high) shoot up through a carpet. On each pylon is skewered a number of three dimensional letters . The letters are made of polyester hardfoam covered with glassfiber, and have a smooth lacquered finish. The letters on the left pylon form the sentence NICHT AUF HALBEM WEGE STEHEN BLEIBEN (Don't halt in the middle of the road), which appeared in the competition invitation. The letters on the two other pylons form the same sentence - but in code. With both plain-text and code-text available it should be possible to deduce how the ciphre is constructed. Then the other sculptures - and the carpet - will be possible to decipher as well.

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