Jan Svenungsson

Commissions and permanent works in public space:


"Loose Chimney Fragment"
Column-sculpture for the STOA169 hall near Polling, Gerrmany. Commissioned by the STOA Foundation. Permanent


"Mitt i prick"
Rosendal school, Gothenburg, Sweden. Public commission (a decorative wall made with glazed acoustic brick, mosaic, ceramics) permanent.


"Tenth Chimney"
Tegnerparken, Uppsala, Sweden. Public commission, permanent.


"First Chimney II"
Städel Museum, Frankfurt, Germany. Commissioned by the museum, permanent.


"Här och nu och i morgon"
commissioned installation for Slottegymnasiet in Ljusdal, Sweden.

"En tidsmaskin på torget"
commissioned installation for the new city square Sjövikstorget, Stockholm.
20 views of finished installation, 3 construction views, 6 lifting-of-giant-boulder views


"Ninth Chimney"
Jäckering Firmengelände, Hamm, Germany. Private commission, permanent.


"Eighth Chimney"
Wanås Park, Knislinge, Sweden. Commissioned for the 2007 exhibition and to be part of the Wanås Foundation's collection of permanent sculptures in the Park.


"Seventh Chimney"
Central Buxtehude, close to the "Fleth" and the "Marschtorzwinger". Sculpture made for exhibition – now permanent.


"Kod 352"
Large scale sculpture for AstraZeneca, Södertälje, Sweden. In 2004 a book was published about this project:
"Historien om ett konstverk: KOD 352"


"Der Schlüssel zum Code"
Large scale sculpture installation for Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte, Bonn, Germany.
Competition winner, then public commission.


Sixth Chimney
Hembergen/Pentruper Mersh, Münsterland, Germany. Sculpture made for exhibition, remains in place.


"I morgon kommer något underbart att hända!"
large scale sculpture installation for Linköping University, Sweden. Competition winner, then public commission, also a book.


"Psycho-Mapping Europe" in the Nordic Embassies, Berlin
The iris print series + "Painting #1" permanently installed in the Consulates Department – a public space common to all five embassies and located in the "Faelleshuset" building.

"Fifth Chimney", Norrköping, Sweden. Public commission after nation wide competition (second prize).

"Fourth Chimney", Drewen, Brandenburg/Germany. Commissioned by private association.

"Duty Now For The Future", Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden. Public commission: large-scale photo installation.


"Fundament", Slottsbacken Park, Uppsala, Sweden. Granite sculpture made for exhibition; remains in place.


"Third Chimney", Kotka city center, Finland. Sculpture made for exhibition; destroyed in 2007.


"Second Chimney", Expo Park, Taejon, South-Korea. Sculpture made for exhibition; now permanent installation.


"First Chimney", next toModerna Museet, Stockholm; destroyed in 1994.