Tidsmaskin på torget, Sjövikstorget, Jan Svenungsson, offentlig konst

"En tidsmaskin på torget" (A Time Machine on the Square), photographed August 11, 2016

20 views. Public commission for the city square Sjövikstorget, which is at the centre of the large new quayside city district Årstadal, in Stockholm. 3 construction views and information.
The installation consists of three giant boulders placed on the square. The smallest (24 tons) is laid in a patch of grass, the middle one (30 tons) has been engraved with headlines from the four Stockholm newspapers, taken from the day (4 March, 2008) when the rock was put in its place. The largest boulder (36 tons) is placed in a small pool, where it is surrounded by a "splash" created with slabs of granite, into which the above date has been engraved. There is a special sequence of six images showing its transport and lifting in place – which was rather difficult to accomplish.

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