Jan Svenungsson

(TOMORROW something WONDERFUL WILL happen!)

– click on photos for individual images; top image = project images, below = finished work –

Late in 1998 JS was invited by Statens Konstråd (the Swedish State Council for Public Art) to compete with two other artists for a large commission for the University Campus in Linköping. The assignment was to propose a work to be situated along the main walkway through the campus; a work which would "bind together" this architecturally rather disparate area. JS proposed creating a sentence, made up of word sculptures, situated at equal distances from each other, along the walk way (see map). Each word/sculpture would be different from the others in material and scale, but they would all share the same typeface: Franklin Gothic. The sentence would make a permanent, optimistic, statement about the immediate future... (for references see the project in Stockholm 1993, as well as the sculpture in Uppsala 1998).
JS won the competition, and received the commission in late 1999 after having re-worked certain aspects of the project. During 2000 the different sculptures were put in place, and just before Christmas the work was finished.
At the top of the page are images (photoshop) from the project presentation, for each sculpture. Beneath are photos of the finished works.
The title of the work was first "Framtidshopp" (Hope for the future), later this was changed to "Untitled", because of some unfortunate mis-interpretation. Finally, in time for the publication of a small book about the project, in September 2001 (+ an exhibition at Statens Konstråds gallery in Stockholm) the name became the sentence which is the work: "I MORGON KOMMER NÅGOT UNDERBART ATT HÄNDA!"

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