Jan Svenungsson


February 17, 2024 – "Alexey"
Yesterday Alexey Navalny was killed by the Russian state. If directly or indirectly makes no difference. In the New Yorker today his friend Masha Gessen writes about his life and death. Just before the end she writes this:

A month later, Navalny¬†flew back to Moscow. His friends had tried to talk him out of it. He wouldn’t hear of staying in exile and becoming politically irrelevant. He imagined himself as Russia’s Nelson Mandela: he would outlive Putin’s reign and become President. Perhaps he believed that the men he was fighting were capable of embarrassment and wouldn’t dare to kill him after he’d proved that they had tried to. He and I had argued, over the years, about the fundamental nature of Putin and his regime: he said that they were “crooks and thieves”; I said that they were murderers and terrorists. After he came out of his coma, I asked him if he had finally been convinced that they were murderers. No, he said. They kill to protect their wealth. Fundamentally, they are just greedy.

He thought too highly of them. They are, in fact, murderers.

February 15, 2024 – "Text"
I'm alone in a house in the country. I have a very wide table at which to work. In front of me is a wall of windows facing north. The weather is gray and damp, though no snow. The house is warm. I am deep in the final editing of the book I have been working on since June. About AI, art and artists. It's complicated. Nobody really knows... me neither. That's why I write. Writing is a process of gaining knowledge. I love the final editing phase: you have the parts, you work on the details and you want them all to sing together. In rhythm. You are still discovering.

When so many scary things are going on outside, what one can do is doing what is meaningful as well as possible. Every word counts. Take care of them and make something good. It's a privilege.

February 5, 2024 – "Two Books"
I'm working on two books which I hope will be published latest in summer. One with text only (almost), which will be titled "Art Intelligence". And one with pictures but no text, except for the title page and impressum. It's title will be "2024".

January 1, 2024 – "2025"
What will the world look like on January 1, 2025?