Jan Svenungsson

Artist's project for AKMB-news, # 3, 1997

JS was invited by Lutz Jahre to provide an artist's project (the first in a series of projects by different artists) for the AKMB-news (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Kunst- und Museumsbibliotheken) – a specialized magazine for art-librarians in Germany.

JS waited with his intervention until the layout of the new issue was completed. He then received print-outs of the finished layout, chose one spread, and inserted his own page in the middle of it. On each side of the inserted sheet he drew a mirror image of the layout on the adjacent page. The hand-drawn page was then printed together with the rest of the magazine.

The working process is described by Jahre in the issue's editorial, which, due to the special character of the intervention, was written well before the project was carried out.