Jan Svenungsson
Svart - Sår


Stranded, rek 005 (ep). Released 1980. EP recorded at Soundtrack studio, Stockholm, in September 1980, with Håkan Thanger as technician. Production credited to Svart & Klas Lunding. Recording and mixing took 6 hours... Cover & concept by Jan Svenungsson using familiar Man Ray object. Photo: Sture Ekendahl. On track 1:2 and 2:2 Svart plays in its first incarnation, while on track 1:1 and 2:1 the variation of the first incarnation is playing – see here for more information.

Side 1.

1. "GÅVAN", (text: Svenungsson, music: Almén/Svenungsson)
2. "JAG ÄR INTE DIN SYSTER", (Svenungsson) mp3

Side 2.

1. "OTÅLIGHETENS GRÄNS", (Svenungsson, break by P. Eklund)
2. "SÅR", (Almén)

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