Jan Svenungsson -

"Här och nu och i morgon" (Here and Now and Tomorrow)
– a public art installation for Slottegymnasiet, Ljusdal, Sweden

The installation was executed during spring 2009. It consists of a six word sentence: "I MORGON ÄR DET DIN TUR" (TOMORROW IT IS YOUR TURN – each word here is linked to its respective installation view).The words have been built into the (existing) brick facades of four school buildings, by exchanging selected bricks for darker, glaced bricks.
Inside the school six painted images are installed, dispersed throughout the main building. Each such picture has one of the words as subject matter: I MORGON ÄR DET DIN TUR.
Project images (photoshop) for main installation: I MORGON ÄR DET DIN TUR – or click on image.

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