The Gift From Juliet Man Ray

a book designed, made, bound and published by Teruo Ishihara. With a text and three letters by JS. Published in a signed (by TI) and numbered edition of 28, on January 17, 2021, Silver Paper PUB., Kyoto, Japan. Size 10,5 x 15 cm, 70 pages.
The book contains Teruo Ishihara's diary from a visit to Paris with his wife Junko, June 11-12 1982, centered on a visit to Man Ray's studio on June 12, where they met JS. It is illustrated with 27 color photos by Ishihara, including two where JS appears. Further, is included Ishihara's Japanese translations of three letters written by JS between October 20, 1998 and March 24, 2004 as well a translation of JS' text "Man Ray" (first published in 1990). On the inside cover is a color photo taken by Tomoka at the Cimitière Montparnasse on March 10, 2006, showing Teruo Ishihara at Man Ray's grave (third version). The book ends with a short text by Teruo Ishihara dated September 14, 2020.
This book is the sister publication of In the Studio of Man Ray.

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